Are Kids' Book Clubs Worthwhile?


Book clubs-meetings where adults get together in person or online to discuss books that they have read-have gained popularity in recent years.  Book clubs for kids and their parents have also become popular.  Book clubs are a great way for parents and children to share books together.  By reading books and discussing them together, you can share special time with your child, while helping him/her develop a love of reading and important language and literacy skills.

Parent-child book clubs offer you and your child a way to share books, experiences and feelings together.  Many parents and children report feeling closer to one another after sharing books together. In addition, book clubs may provide parents and children with a way to explore and discuss difficult topics in a safe way.

In addition to helping you talk with your child about important issues, book clubs provide an enjoyable and easy way for your child to develop many literacy skills.  Simply by reading books, your child will develop fluency or the ability to read smoothly and with expression.  In addition, he/she will learn new vocabulary words and be exposed to new ideas and concepts.

Finally, book clubs help children develop important language skills.  Book discussions help children practice turn-taking, encourage them to use language to analyze, make predictions and solve problems, and provide them with opportunities to try out new vocabulary words.  Simply by reading and participating in discussions themselves, parents can provide important language and literacy models for their children.

One book club that is definitely worth checking out is Disney's Wonderful World of Reading.

Turn Your Child On to Reading

The Lion King, Bambi, Frozen, Monsters University, Brave, Planes ... now, you can share these timeless classic Disney stories with your own children in beautiful hardcover editions, illustrated by the Disney artists themselves.

You already know Disney stories entertain, but they also teach valuable lessons about friendship, honesty, overcoming challenges, and a whole lot more!  Stories like these that kids know and love can help your child develop a passion for books and discover the joys of reading.  It's what experts say is essential to prime your child to becoming a reader-and a learner-for life.


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