How Fixing Your Bad Credit Score Can Save You Thousands

Over 100 million Americans have what can be classified as “bad credit” or “poor credit” where their credit score is below 650. Individuals should be targeting, at least, a “good credit” rating where their score is above 700. Bad and poor credit can result from a number of missteps including missing credit card or loan payments, defaulting on a loan, and declaring bankruptcy.

Having bad credit can be crippling and will likely negatively impact every area of your life. It can cost you thousands of dollars in extra fees and higher interest rates for loans and credit cards – that is if you’re even eligible to take out a loan or credit card. It can even make purchasing on credit virtually impossible.

The Credit Repair Solution

Thankfully, you don’t have to be stuck in this situation forever. There are companies that exist to help individuals with these circumstances. They are called credit repair agencies. It’s not uncommon for a credit score to jump 100 – 200 points after working with a reliable, professional credit repair agency. AmendMyCredit did the hard work for you and has created relationships with some of the top credit repair companies in the industry. We can match you up to the credit restoration company who best suits your needs.

There are countless benefits to working with professionals at AmendMyCredit to find you the most reputable companies who can help you restore your credit and boost your score including:

  • Stop the harassing collection calls
  • Stop stressing over excessive fees
  • Stop being turned down for credit cards and loans
  • Verify the accuracy of your credit report
  • Fix any errors in your credit history
  • Remove negative items from your credit report
  • Secure financing for your dream home, car, etc.
  • Start fresh with a clean slate

Don’t Accept Poor Credit Scores

Change requires action. Every day that your bad credit score isn’t addressed, you will lose more money. At AmendMyCredit, we’ll match you up with credit repair companies who will guide you through the process and do the bulk of the work for you so that you don’t have to spend countless hours figuring out how to improve your credit score.
Are you tired of having poor credit? Sick of being denied credit? Frustrated by not getting approved for loans or credit cards that have reasonable interest rates? Let AmendMyCredit’s credit repair matching service work for you to connect you with companies who can take away your credit-related stress and solve all your credit problems.
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