The End of Barack Obama?

American financial publisher and author Porter Stansberry believes most Americans are in for a huge shock over the next few years.  Most will lose a lot of money.


Stansberry predicts that the end of America's global economic dominance is near, which could result in protests, riots, and even a possible coup d'ètat - an overthrow of the current U.S. government.

Millions of U.S. citizens are already living off of food stamps.  Should the price of food suddenly rise while the dollar declines, millions more will go hungry.  Without affordable food, employment opportunities, and inexpensive housing, Americans are likely to take to the streets much like what has already occurred in Greece, Egypt, and other nations around the globe.

Porter Stansberry has agreed to make available his latest online video titled The End of Barack Obama which warns of new threats to our way of life, including a scandal that is currently brewing within the Obama administration.


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